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Kulula is South Africa's premier no frills domestic airline which is a subsidiary of British Airways. They provide travellers with highly competitive rates, planes are clean, reliable and with friendly and competent staff. The greatest thing about Kulula apart from kind and friendly staff and arriving on time is of course the fact that they have some of best priced tickets available.

Kulula flies between the following destinations: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George.

It comes down to why pay more when you can use Kulula.

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Kulula Mission Statement

  The easiest around
This means that not only can people fly with, they can hire a car, get a room or book a chauffeur-driven cab to the airport. We will always aim to provide the easiest way to book, the easiest way to pay, and above all, the easiest to afford.

We don’t complicate things. We don’t use high-and-mighty language or overly wordy descriptions. We get to the point and that’s that

  Totally honest
This means we tell it like it is . we’re not shy of being straight and down-to-earth. there’s no bullshit. there are no hidden costs. what you see is what you get

  Great fun
We help people lighten up. smiles and jokes are free. we always want to be genuinely friendly and provide the right environment for our staff’s natural talent to shine.

  Safe and professional
At no time is our dedication compromised. Our most important principle is 'safety first'.

Wherever possible, we provide our staff with the best opportunities to develop their skills, and take their abilities to new heights in the service of our customers.

We are more than an airline… We're an entire travel experience. Wherever our customers see the brand, they can expect these values.

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