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Non South African credit cards

Non South African credit cards may be used to make a booking online. Keep your booking code in a safe place, and bring it to the airport on the day of departure with your passport. If you are in a tizz, and need to speak to one of our friendly helpers, call sunny South Africa on +27 11 921 0111 and our head office will put you thru.

Call Centre

Booking through the call centre will cost you a few bucks more. Remember to get the best deal, make sure you book online. Call Centre office hours: 7am - 7pm


Once your online booking is completed, simply print your confirmation from your PC. Keep it safe - it has all your important flight details on it. Take this to the airport to check in. Once you have your booking confirmation from us, there is no need to reconfirm - you are ready to fly! Please remember to bring your driver's licence/ID document / passport with you when you check in.

Name Changes

The person booked to travel on your flight booking may be changed. An admin fee of R100 per name change will be charged. Only future dated bookings may be changed. Give one of our friendly helpers in the call centre a ring to change the name/s in your booking.

No Refunds

No turning back - once your booking is confirmed, no refunds. (sorree)

Booking Changes

Flight bookings may be changed on our website by clicking the check/change/pay button online or by calling, our call centre. Some fees may be required depending on how the changes are made: ֋  Website changes: You'll pay an upgrade fee between your original fare paid and the new fare available, PLUS a R75 admin fee, per flight, per person.
֋  Call Centre changes: You'll pay an upgrade fee between your original fare paid and the new far available, PLUS a R100 admin fee, per person per booking change (whether one way or return).


Get there early - check-in opens 90 mins before your flight and closes 30 minutes before take off. Please remember to bring your driver's licence/ID document / passport with you when you check in. Please note that NO temporary ID's or refugee papers will be accepted.

If you have kiddies travelling with you, please bring along their birth certificate or any other form of identification such as a medical aid card, or a gym card with photo identification.


Only one bag per person will be allowed onboard. It must be lighter than 7kg and be smaller than 55x40x20cm. (shew!) You're allowed to check-in 2 bags which together are lighter than 23kg.
Any excess weight over 23kg will cost you R25 per kilo. Bikes, fishing gear, surfboards etc. are not considered normal luggage, and can only be carried if we've got space. These items form part of your 23kg baggage allowance. Excess weight will be charged for. There's no baggage allowance for babes under 2 years old. (sorree) If you are travelling with your golf clubs, you are entitled to a weight allowance of 33kg. (Your golf bag will get checked at check-in, so don't stuff it with all your extra holiday goodies, only golf equipment is the exception.)


Firearms simply can't be accommodated on our flights. Please make alternative arrangements to transport these bad boys. This also includes any sporting firearms, any ammunition or even a pellet gun.


Boarding gates will close 30 minutes before take off. If you're late, we won't wait!

Yummy snacks

Bring your pocket money to purchase delicious drinks and snacks on board. If your mom makes a really good peanut butter sarmmie - you may bring your own food. (Sorry no alcohol may be brought on board - but you can buy a 'not so soft drink' once your are on board)

Seating procedures

A seat will be assigned to you at check-in, however we cannot guarantee you a specific seat number. Parents travelling with kids, or elderly persons should not sit on the seats with 'exit' marked on the headrest.

Security policy

The website is supported by a Thawte secure on-line certificate. Credit card information is not stored on our system. Our customers' information is not shared with any third parties.

Group bookings

Bookings for more than 9 fans, travelling on the same flight is very easy to book and can be done by completing this form . If you still need to get in touch with our groups department, you can email them on or call them directly on (011) 921 0169/8. The bizdeals fares won't apply, but our groups dept. will give you the best available fare.

Some of the advantages of booking through our groups department, is the extra baggage allowance, the pre-seating and the group check-in.


Infants under 2 years old fly for free. (yippee!!) for the duration of the flight they must sit on your lap. (Please note that there must be an adult to accompany each infant).


Unfortunately, we do not cater for unaccompanied kiddies on our flights.
Superkids over the age of 12 years can travel alone. Superkids under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or older.

Kiddies over 2 years will pay the same super-duper low rate. Don't forget for every 5 super kids (aged 2 to 12 years) you will need 1 superhero to accompany them (aged 16 years or older).


Pregnant mums can't fly after 36 weeks (Whoa!). Mums between 32-36 weeks will need a doctor's consent form to take to the skies(Yeah baby!).

Fans with special needs or needing assistance Fans with special medical needs including those requiring wheelchair assistance should call 0861 KULULA (585852) prior to making their booking, There is a limited space available per flight. (sorree), this is because we need to make sure we can give you the attention you deserve.


We do accept any domestic pets (dogs, cats, household birds etc.) for travel in the hold of our aircraft.

The pet must be properly crated and accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates. The pet must be put in a container suitable for transportation. (NO wire mesh cages are allowed, NO CARDBOARD BOXES WILL BE ACCEPTED). The ventilation openings must be small enough so that paws/nose cannot protrude outside the container. Pets are accepted subject to terms of carriage and subject to availability of space. The animal together with it's container and food carrier will NOT be included in the free baggage allowance of 23kg's and will be charged at a rate of R25.00 per kilo (excess baggage rates). WHETHER THE PASSENGER HAS BAGGAGE OR NOT, THEY WILL STILL BE CHARGED FOR THE PET. IF THE PET WEIGHS LESS THAN 1 KG, THEY WILL BE CHARGED R25.00 . Acceptance for carriage of animals is subject to the condition that the passenger assumes full responsibility and will ensure that the animal has been sedated by a veterinarian surgeon. (This is to enable the animal to be transported without any anxiety or stress.) will not be held liable for injury to or loss, delay, sickness or death of the animal during carriage. Under no circumstances will a pet be allowed to travel in the cabin.

We do not accept unaccompanied animals for travel, you can contact Pet Travel Services on (011) 708 1182/4, if you need that to be arranged. Aircraft We have a fleet of MD82's which each have 150 seats on board. The seating configuration is 2 seats on the one side and 3 seats on the other. Take-off speed is around 270km per hour and cruising speed is a whopping 900km per hour. We also operate 2 Boeing 737 -200's which have approximately 118 seats, and a Boeing 737 - 400 which has approximately 162 seats.

Safety Cards

Stop overs

Most of our flights are direct flights.

Only two of our routes have a stop over. Flights between Cape Town and Durbs, stop over in PE, and visa versa. You cannot climb off the aircraft during this quick stop. Some other fans might get on/off, but if you purchased your air ticket all the way through to either Cape Town or Durbs, you can remain seated during the short stop.

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